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Oakburn Books have a number of early vintage Penguin Books for sale. This comes from the breaking up of a Penguin Book collection. We provide below lists of the books we have available for sale. They are listed in alphabetic and number order, starting with the MAIN SERIES, then PELICANS (Series 'A"), SHAKESPEARE (Series 'B') and so on. There are a few sets available, and where listed, they are for the complete set as described.
Edition: Unless stated otherwise are all Penguin first editions/first impressions.
Condition: We use the enhanced 'ABCD' grading system as follows:
A = Fine or Mint (new condition)
A- = Very good condition, slight blemishes or rubbing
B+ = A nice copy with only minor faults
B = Good condition, reasonably clean and tidy, may show wear
B- = Reasonable condition, may have rubbing or nicks to spine, minor staining or creasing
C+ = Alright, but may have faults, shows wear, or staining or creasing
C = Fair copy but with faults
C- = Will have faults, tears or splits, worn spine etc.
D = Poor condition, a reading copy, or a number filler

Postage: We will only charge for actual costs incurred, usually by Royal Mail or Parcelforce. Since rates may vary depending on weight and size of parcel we will confirm with you via email before posting.

Payment: Prices are given in pounds Sterling (GBP). We accept a variety of methods including payment by BACS, cheques (which require time to be cleared) and PayPal which is often the most convenient form of payment.

☆ but do remember these books can date back to 1935, and so are potentially over 80 years old - so please bear this in mind when you think of a book in very good condition.

At the moment we are in the process of compiling our lists - and this will take some time. Email us at Oakburn Books for orders, queries or to ask if we have a book in stock.

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  • Special Lot and EPHEMERA

    Do email us at Oakburn Books if you are interested in any of our Penguin Books.

    Main Series

    An opportunity to obtain this rare book published in November 1966. Allen Lane considered this book blasphemous and 'raided' his own warehouse at midnight and took all remaining copies of the book and destroyed them. Hence very few copies exist. See full description at entry on website at 2553 (click on link).

    B nice condition, but with some rubbing to spine edges and ends

    'A' PELICAN BOOKS (from 1937)

    A6 G. D. H. Cole: PRACTICAL ECONOMICS   B+ nice book, damage to base of spine, sl foxing on cover; d/w with torn flaps, foxing and sl tears 5.00
    A7 Julian Huxley: ESSAYS IN POPULAR SCIENCE   B damage to base of spine, sl foxing on cover, browning to edges of paper and marks; d/w with torn flaps, foxing and tears 4.50
    A11 Edited by H. J. and Hugh Massingham: THE GREAT VICTORIANS - 1   B rubbing to edges/ends of spine, browning to edges of paper; owner's name on inside cover, feint rubber stamp on flyleaf 4.50
    A14 J. H. Fabre: SOCIAL LIFE IN THE INSECT WORLD   B+ nice book with sl bump to base of spine, d/w has sl damage to base and tanning of spine 5.00
    A15 W. J. Perry: THE GROWTH OF CIVILISATION   C+ rubbing to spine and damage/cuts to lower part of spine, marks to cover (mostly back) and edges 3.50
    A18 Leonard Woolf: AFTER THE DELUGE   C+ rubbing to spine and damage/cuts to lower part of spine, marks to cover and edges 3.50
    A19 Eileen Power: MEDIEVAL PEOPLE   C+ rubbing to spine and damage/cuts to ends of spine, sl marks to cover 3.50
    A22 J. G. Crowther: AN OUTLINE OF THE UNIVERSE (2)   B+ nice book, sl browning to edges and wear to ends of spine; d/w has wear to top and ends of spine and sl tanning of spine 5.50
    A23 R. H. Tawney: RELIGION AND THE RISE OF CAPITALISM   B- good but with damage to base of spine, and sl damage to top; d/w has damage to base and top of spine, tanning and rubbing to edge of spine 4.00
    A26 F. L. Allen: ONLY YESTERDAY (2)   B+ lovely book but sl wear to spine ends and browning of edges; d/w has sl wear to ends of spine and marks 5.00
    A31 Beatrice Webb: MY APPRENTICESHIP - 1   B+ lovely book but with sl wear to spine ends and sl tanning, small owner's inscription on ½TP 5.00
    A32 Beatrice Webb: MY APPRENTICESHIP - 2   B+ lovely book but with sl wear to spine ends and browning to paper edges; d/w has wear to ends 5.00
    A34 A. N. Whitehead: SCIENCE AND THE MODERN WORLD   B+ lovely book but with sl wear to spine ends and browning to paper edges, sl foxing to cover 4.50
    A37 G. D. H. Cole: SOCIALISM IN EVOLUTION   B+ lovely book but with sl snick to top spine; d/w has wear to ends and flap loose 5.50
    A39 Compiled by D. K. Roberts: THE CENTURY'S POETRY 1837-1937 vol 1   B+ lovely book but with sl browning to paper edges, mks on ½TP; d/w has wear and tear and front flap missing 5.00
    A40 Compiled by D. K. Roberts: THE CENTURY'S POETRY 1837-1937 vol 2   B- good book but with wear to spine ends, crease and some marks on fc, some browning to paper 4.00
    A41 Huxley, Haddon and Carr-Saunders: WE EUROPEANS   B- some damage to spine ends and creasing, and rubbing to edges, marks on cover and browning to paper edges; 4.00
    A42 J. W. N. Sullivan: THE BASES OF MODERN SCIENCE   B- some damage to spine ends, marks on cover and browning to paper edges; 4.00
    A43 G. B. Harrison: INTRODUCING SHAKESPEARE   B+ lovely book but with v sl wear to base of spine and sl browning to paper edges; 5.00
    A44 L. Susan Stebbing: THINKING TO SOME PURPOSE   B+ nice book but with sl wear to spine ends and some marks on cover 4.50
    A48 J. L. and Barbara Hammond: LORD SHAFTESBURY   B good condition but with sl wear to spine top and browning to paper edges; tear and owner's inscription on½TP; flaps and front of d/w included 4.50
    A50 Élie Halévey: A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE EPILOGUE - (1)   B+ lovely book but with sl wear to spine ends and browning to paper edges; d/w has wear to ends 5.50
    A51 Julian Huxley: ESSAYS OF A BIOLOGIST   B+ nice book but with sl wear to spine ends and browning to paper edges; v small owner's name on ½TP; d/w has wear and tear, front flap detached 5.00
    A56 Viscount Samuel: BELIEF AND ACTION   B+ nice book but with v sl wear to spine ends, and some browning 4.50
    A59 Sir James Jeans: THE STARS IN THEIR COURSES   B+ nice book with wear to spine ends with small cut at base, and browning to paper; d/w has wear to ends, spine, and rubbing to edges, and cellotaped flaps 5.00
    A63 H. Stafford Hatfield: INVENTIONS   B+ lovely book but with sl dmge to top of spine and sl rubbing to edges and sl browning to paper; owner's inscription on ½TP; d/w complete, but tatty and flaps detached 4.50
    A66 Thomas Sharp: TOWN PLANNING   B- good book with wear to spine ends and rubbing, foxing and marks on cover and browning to edges; sl damage to bk cover 3.50
    A67 L. Adam: PRIMITIVE ART   B good book with sl wear to spine ends and rubbing, minor marks on cover 4.00
    A69 Élie Halévey: A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLE (3)   B+ nice book with tanning and browning of paper edges and sl wear to spine end, d/w in fairly good condition 4.50
    A71 Kenneth Walker: THE PHYSIOLOGY OF SEX   C reasonable copy, wear and nicks to spine ends and rubbing, cov detached but complete 2.00
    A72 B. Ifor Evans: A SHORT HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE   B a nice book, cover with pseudo flaps, wear to spine ends and rubbing 3.00
    A74 J. G. Crowther: BRITISH SCIENTISTS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY VOL 1   B+ good copy, sl rubbing spine and ends 3.50
    A76 AN ANTHOLOGY OF ANIMAL POETRY   B- nice, cover with pseudo flaps, rubbing and wear to spine ends, covs grub 2.50
    A82 Eric Newton: EUROPEAN PAINTING AND SCULPTURE with back cover insert   B+ v nice bk, sl wr to ends, sl grub 3.50
    A84 C. H. Waddington: THE SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDE   B nice, tidy, wr to spine base 3.00
    A85 Durden, Field and Smith: CINE-BIOLOGY   B nice bk, sl wr and rub to spine 3.00
    A87 J. G. Crowther: BRITISH SCIENTISTS OF C19th Vol.2   B spine dmge and rub, foxing 3.00
    A88 J.B.S.Haldane: SCIENCE AND EVERYDAY LIFE   B+ nice bk, minor rub/wr and mks 3.50
    A89 A.C.Bouquet: COMAPARATIVE RELIGION   B nice, rub to edges and spine and wear at ends 3.00
    A90 A.L. Bacharach: LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Vol.1   C+ nice, but spn dmge, fr cov sl from spn 2.00
    A91 A.L. Bacharach: LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Vol.2   B- nice, but spn dmge and rub 2.50
    A92 A.L. Bacharach: LIVES OF THE GREAT COMPOSERS Vol.3   B- nice, but spn dmge and rub, owners inscription 2.50
    A93 Denys Kilham Roberts: THE CENTURIES' POETRY   C spn rub and wr, fr cov det 1.50
    A97 Ralph Gustafson: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CANADIAN POETRY   C+ dmge to spn, wr to ends and rub, browning/fox to cover 2.00
    A102 Kenneth Walker: HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY   B- nice but sl dmge to spn ends, rub and wr 2.50
    A107 Eric Blom: MUSIC IN ENGLAND   C+ slits to cov/spn, rub + spn dmge 2.00
    A108 Gordon Childe: WHAT HAPPENED IN HISTORY   D top half fr cov, dmge/rub/wr to spn 1.00
    A Also available in Pelican: A109, 112, 113, 115, 117, 119, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 128, 129, 135, 137, 139, 140, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148,
    A150, 152, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 165, 166,169, 170, 172, 173, 174, 175,178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199,
    A200, 201, 202,204, 205, 208, 210, 211, 212, 213, 215, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 232, 235, 240, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246,
    A254, 255, 257, 259, 261, 262, 265, 269, 279, 280, 282, 283, 284, 288, 291, 292, 294, 295, 298,
    A303, 304, 306, 310, 311, 314, 318, 325, 337, 341, 351, 353, 354, 364, 365, 368, 370, 375, 376, 378, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 394, 396, 399,
    A412, 415, 416, 421, 422, 425, 428, 430, 436, 438, 441, 442, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449, 454, 455, 465, 469, 471,
    A500, 527, 556, 584, 587, 599, 617, 631, 638, 665, 679, 680, 688, 710, 717, 722, 726, 939, 964, 1,000, 1130


    E4 Bernard Hollowood: POTTERY AND GLASS   A- good book, sl wr to sp ends; d/w rub 7.50
    E37 H. Ruhemann and E. M. Kemp: THE ARTIST AT WORK   B nice, wr and rub to sp 6.00


    EL 4 John Bunyan: THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS (Ed.Roger Sharrock)   B+ good book, sl wr to sp ends; owners sign on fly-page 4.00
    EL 6 THREE JACOBEAN TRAGEDIES: THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY (Tourneur); THE WHITE DEVIL (Webster); THE CHANGELING (Middleton) edited with an introduction by Gãmini Salgãdo   B+ nice book, sl rub to spn, but 'The White Devil' has annotations 3.50
    EL 13 Ben Jonson: THREE COMEDIES: VOLPONE; THE ALCHEMIST; BARTHOLOMEW FAIR , edited by Michael Jamieson   B nice, sl rub to spn and ends, browning and some creasing, and has annotations 3.00


    K54 T.B.L. Webster: GREEK TERRACOTTAS   A- lovely book with dust wrapper, v sl rub to ends spine, has ex-libris sticker on inside cover 10.00
    K64 C. A. Burland: MAGIC BOOKS FROM MEXICO   A- lovely book with dust wrapper, v sl rub to ends spine 40.00
    K61 E.G.R. Taylor: JOHN SPEED'S ATLAS OF ENGLAND AND WALES   A- lovely book with dust wrapper, v sl rub to ends of d/j spine 10.00

    'PH' PENGUIN HANDBOOKS (from 1945)

    PH10 Chapman Pincher: THE BREEDING OF ANIMALS   B nice book, sl wr spn ends, sl rub, mks to cov and sl crease 3.00
    PH24 Harry Golombek: The Game of Chess   B- nice book but fr cover stains, brown edges 2.50
    PH37 F. Fairbrother: ROSES   B+ good book, minor wr sp ends, 3.00
    PH45 Phyllis Hostler: THE CHILD'S WORLD   C+ reasonable, slts and wr to spn ends, stains on cover 2.00
    PH50 Arthur J. Simons: THE NEW VEGETABLE GROWER'S HANDBOOK   B nice and tidy but sm slt and wr to spine end, crse to bck cov 2.75
    PH61 Gibson and Singleton: THE SPARE-TIME BOOK   B+ nice, sl wr to spn bse, sl browning 3.50
    PH63 Lena Larsson: YOUR CHILD/S ROOM   B+ sl rub on cov, sl browning 3.50
    PH66 Elizabeth Gundrey: YOUR MONEY'S WORTH   B nice, wr to spn ends 3.00
    PH67 Roy Hay: GARDENING THE MODERN WAY   B+ v nice with sl rub to spne and corners 3.50
    PH68 John Yudkin: THIS SLIMMING BUSINESS   B nice, wr to spn ends and rub to edges 3.00
    PH Also available in Handbooks: PH72, 76, 77, 85, 95, 105, 160  


    PL24 Tennessee Williams: ORPHEUS DESCENDING; SOMETHING UNSPOKEN; SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER   B+ nice, sl browning, owners sig on fly pg 2.50
    PL25 Arnold Wesker: I'M TALKING ABOUT JERUSALEM   B good, browning to paper 2.50
    PL26 Bernard Kops: THE DREAM OF PETER MANN   B+ nice, sl browning, owners sig on fly pg 2.50
      B nice, sl browning
    EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON (John Osborne and Anthony Creighton); THE KITCHEN (Arnold Wesker); A RESOUNDING TINKLE (N. F. Simpson)
      B nice, sl browning, owners sig on fly pg [have 2 copies]
    PL48 ARNOLD WESKER: THE WESKER TRILOGY - CHICKEN SOUP WITH BARLEY; ROOTS; I'M TALKING ABOUT JERUSALEM   B- ok, sl browning, some staining cov and pag, and a bit grubby, rub stamp on title page 1.50
    PL63 Bertolt Brecht: PARABLES FOR THE THEATRE: Two Plays by Bertolt Brecht THE GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN; THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE   B nice, sl crease/crinkle, owners sig on fly pg 2.50


    Q5 J. F. Horrabin and James S. Gregory: AN ATLAS OF THE U.S.S.R.   B+ nice book, but with rub to sp and wr at ends, sl mks on cov, sl browning of paper 7.50
    Q46 Anthony Rooley: THE PENGUIN BOOK OF EARLY MUSIC   B good book, but with sl rub to sp and sl wr at ends, sl abr on cov. This book is scarce. 17.50
    Q22 Colin McEvedy: THE PENGUIN ATLAS OF MEDIEVAL HISTORY   B+ nice condition, sl mks on cov, 7.50
    PENGUINS PROGRESS 1935 - 1960 Published on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Penguin Books, Foreword by Sir Allen Lane   A- lovely copy 10.00
    Bernard Shaw - ALPHABET EDITION OF: ANDROCLES AND THE LION (1962). Special 2 volume set. VERY RARE Public Trustee's Edition hardback specially produced Library edition with dust jacket and the card alphabet key, thus an ex-libray copy, (distributed to Libraries as part of his Will) and the Penguin paperback Q29 edition (1962).   The hard copy in nice condition with good dust jacket, but inside has marks from library stamps and a piece of cellotape, and a slight 'must' smell from storage; the paperback is a B with paper slighly browning and wear/rubbing and scuff to the spine and cease. 65.00 set
    James Baldwin (text) and Richard Avedon (photography): NOTHING PERSONAL.
    A rare opportunity to obtain this scarce book published in November 1964. See full description at entry on website at Q31 (click on link).

    B+ nice condition, very lightly foxed covers, otherwise an excellent copy; slightly marked B slipcase

    'S' PENGUIN and Pelican SPECIALS (from 1937)

    S3 Geneviève Tabouis: BLACKMAIL OR WAR   B nice copy, sl rub and tan to sp, grub cov, sl brown edge 3.50
    S4 Duchess of Atholl: SEARCHLIGHT ON SPAIN   B+ nice book, sl wr/crse to sp, browning 4.00
    S5 Arnold Haskell: BALLET (Pelican Special) 16 pages of photogravure   A- lovely book, sl rub/crse to sp, sl broning to edge 5.50
    S6 Peter Thoene: MODERN GERMAN ART (Pelican Special) 16 pages of photogravure   A- lovely book, sl browning to edges, owner's inscription on ½TP; nice d/w 6.00
    S9 S. Grant Duff: EUROPE AND THE CZECHS (with 9 maps)   A- lovely book with d/w, d/w has sl wr sp ends 5.00
    S10 Louis Golding: THE JEWISH PROBLEM (with 33 illustrations)   B+ good bk, sl spn wr, some pencil notes 4.00
    S12 Phyllis Bottome: THE MORTAL STORM   B nice bk, wr sp ends and rub, sl cov fox 3.50
    S14 Edgar Ansel Mowrer: MOWRER IN CHINA   B+ lovely book with d/w, sl stn on sp, and sp sl loose, owner's inscription on ½TP 4.50
    S18 Norman Angell: THE GREAT ILLUSION - NOW   C- sp dmge and wr, browning and grub, owner's inscription on ½TP 2.00
    S20 Wickham Steed: THE PRESS   B nice bk, sl crese/grub/rub 3.50
    S24 G. J. George: THEY BETRAYED CZECHOSLOVAKIA   B+ nice book with sl browning, d/w has wr/grub 4.50
    S27 S. Mervyn Herbert: BRITAIN'S HEALTH, P.E.P. REPORT   B nice bk, wr to sp ends, rub and crease, sl fox 3.00
    S28 Hugh Nicol: MICROBES BY THE MILLION   B nice bk, sl grub, sl sp wr, browning to edges 3.00
    S31 C. E. M. Joad: WHY WAR?   C+ nice book but f cov almost det; wr to sp, browning to edges, rub stamps on ½TP 2.00
    S34 W. J. Rose: POLAND   B- nice, sp wr and tan, rubs, browning to edges 3.00
    S36 Elwyn Jones: THE ATTACK FROM WITHIN   B+ nice copy, min wr to sp ends, sl foxing and mks 4.00
    S38 Viscount Astor and B. Seebohm Rowntree: BRITISH AGRICULTURE   B nice, wr to top sp and nick, rub edges and min creases 3.50
    S39 Hugh J. Schonfield: THE SUEZ CANAL maps and 16 pages black-and-white photographic plates   B nice, sl wr to sp ends, sl detch, owner's inscription and label on ½TP 3.50
    S40 Edward J. Dent: OPERA 16 pages black-and-white photographic plates   B- wr to sp ends, pt sp det, 3.00
    S41 H. G. Wells: IN SEARCH OF HOT WATER   B nice, sl sp wr and nicks, sl fox, pt sp det, 4.00
    S44 D. N. Pritt: LIGHT ON MOSCOW   B nice but wr to sp ends; sl browning, d/w with tears 4.50
    S46 W. B. Curry: THE CASE FOR FEDERAL UNION   B nice, wr to sp ends, browning of edges 4.00
    S47 Harold Nicolson: WHY BRITAIN IS AT WAR   B+ nice copy, sl sp wr, sl browning, sl fox; d/w, green pencil unlerlining 4.50
    S48 Walter Theimer: THE PENGUIN POLITICAL DICTIONARY   B+ nice bk, sl sp wr, sl browning; d/w complete, one flap cut, 5.00
    S54 Sir Richard Acland: UNSER KAMPF   A- good bk, sl wr to bot sp; d/w sl wr to bot sp; sought after 6.50
    S55 John Hadham: GOOD GOD   B+ nice, sl wr to bot sp, rub stamp on ½TP 4.50
    S57 Hugh Dalton: HITLER'S WAR   B+ nice book, min wr 4.50
    S62 Norman Angell: WHY FREEDOM MATTERS   B+ some min wr and grub 4.00
    S64 H. G. Wells: COMMON SENSE OF WAR AND PEACE   B+ nice, sl wr sp ends and rub 5.00
    S65 Bishop of Chichester: CHRISTIANITY AND WORLD ORDER   B+ nice copy, sl sp wr 3.50
    S66 S. C. Johnson: THE PENGUIN POLITICAL ATLAS   B nice, sl sp wr, sl fox 3.00
    S73 John Hadham: GOD IN A WORLD WAR   B nice, sl rub at sp ends, some browning, slight grub 2.50
    S76 J. Keith Horsefield: THE REAL COST OF WAR   B+ sl darker sp 3.00
    S77 Edward Glover: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR AND COURAGE   B sl wr to sp ends, sl fox f c and sl darker spine 2.00
    S78 Harold Laski: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE   B nice book, sl fox, sl wr to sp end 2.50
    S79 F. Lafitte: THE INTERNMENT OF ALIENS   B- tidy book, rub to edges and sp wr 2.00
    S80 Paul Einzig: EUROPE IN CHAINS   B- nice book with dmge to sp ends and rub 2.00
    S81 Bernard Pares: RUSSIA   B- dge to sp ends and rub, mks on f c 2.00
    S84 Louis Lévy: THE TRUTH ABOUT FRANCE   B tidy bk, sl ct to spn, and mks 2.50
    S87 Frank Wokes: FOOD, THE DECIDING FACTOR   C- wr to sp, rub, cov dmge and stains 1.00
    S89 A. C. F. Beales: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND INTERNATIONAL ORDER   B nice book, sl wr to sp ends 2.50
    S90 F. W. P Carter: THE PENGUIN BOOK OF FOOD GROWING, STORING AND COOKING   C- dmge to spine, slit, ex lib 1.00
    S93 The Bishop of Truro: THE GOSPEL FOR TOMORROW   B- nice book but with spn dmge and sm tears to b c, staples 1.50
    S94 Wilfred Bovey: THE FRENCH CANADIANS TODAY   B Nice book, sl sp dmge 2.00
    S95 Ake Fen: NAZIS IN NORWAY   C spn dmge, cov det, 1.50
    S97 Pentad: THE REMAKING OF ITALY   B sl dmge to spine end and creasing 2.00
    S98 Marcel Hoden: A DIARY OF WORLD AFFAIRS   C+ dmge to bot of sp, rub, staples 1.50
    S104 William Temple: CHRISTIANITY AND SOCIAL ORDER   C+ sl sp wr/crk, cov foxing 1.50
    S106 Robert E. Dickson: THE GERMAN LEBENSRAUM   B sl sp dmge, cut to f c 2.00
    S107 Aleck Bourne: HEALTH OF THE FUTURE   B sl spn wr and rub, rub stamp on f c 2.00
    S108 W.B. Sutch: THE QUEST FOR SECURITY IN NEW ZEALAND   B- sl wr to spn, foxing 2.00
    S109 William Temple: IS CHRIST DIVIDED?   C+ dmge to ends spn, foxing 1.50
    S111 E. B. Uvarov: A DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE [The forerunner to the 'Reference Series', this book became Reference Book R1]   B- nice, has cut to fc/spn, wr to spn ends, wr to edges 2.50
    S114 Dorothy Woodman: AN A.B.C. OF THE PACIFIC   C+ hvy spn wr, and side f c, cuts 1.50
    S118 Ivor Thomas: WARFARE BY WORDS   B- nice bk, stiff covers, wr to spn/cut, sl fox 2.00
    S121 J. Crowther etc.: SCIENCE AND WORLD ORDER   C+ spn wr, cut to corner, stns 1.50
    S128 Sydney M. Laird: VENEREAL DISEASE IN BRITAIN   C+ sl sp wr, degrd around staples, otherwise nice 1.50
    S130 W. K. Hancock: ARGUMENT OF EMPIRE   B+ nice bk, sl spn wr at top 2.50
    S131 Leonard Barnes: SOVIET LIGHT ON THE COLONIES   B- nice, wr to spn/cut to f c 2.00
    S136 A. J. Evans: WHY NOT PROSPERITY?   B+ nice bk 2.50
    S138 Raymond Bush: TREE FRUIT GROWING Vol 2, Pears etc. with green 'handbook' cover [later became Penguin handbook PH3]   B- nice, dmge to spn, abr to f c 2.00
    S141 John Hadham: GOD AND HUMAN PROGRESS   B Nice, sp wr and rub 2.00
    S142 H. N. Brailsford: OUR SETTLEMENT WITH GERMANY   B+ nice book 2.50
    S143 Horace Alexander: INDIA SINCE CRIPPS   B nice, sl spn wr and rub 2.00
    S149 B.L. Coombes: MINERS DAY   B nice copy, spn creasing, foxing 2.50
    S150 W. R. Stettinius: LEND-LEASE   B- sl dmge to spn, creasing and tear to f c 2.00
    S151 David E. Lilienthal: T V A   C+ spn dmge, foxing 1.50
    S152 Wayland Young: THE PROFUMO AFFAIR   B, nice copy, sl wr 2.50
    S153 Bernard Pares: RUSSIA AND THE PEACE   B- wr to spn 2.00
    S154 T. L. Horabin: POLITICS MADE PLAIN   B sl crse and wr to spn 2.00
    S155 Maurice Edelman: FRANCE, THE BIRTH OF THE FOURTH REPUBLIC   B+ sl wr to spn 2.50
    S156 William Gallacher: THE CASE FOR COMMUNISM (the start of the 'new' or second series of Penguin Specials from 1949)   B+, sl wr to spn ends 2.50
    S157 K. Zilliacus: I CHOOSE PEACE (512pp.)   C+ spn wr/dmge, crease and foxing 1.50
    S158 Barbara Ward: POLICY FOR THE WEST   B- sl spn dmge, foxing 2.00
    S161 Bishop of Chichester: THE KINGSHIP OF CHRIST   B+ sl spn wr 2.50
    S162 Andrew Rothstein: PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE   B+ 2.50
    S164 Guy Wint: SPOTLIGHT ON ASIA   B+ sl crnkle 2.50
    S166 Kathleen Lonsdale: IS PEACE POSSIBLE?   B nice copy, sl foxing 2.00
    S167 Guy Wint and Peter Calvocoressi: MIDDLE EAST CRISIS   B nice bk, sl spn wr and rub 2.00
    S168 Gordon Connell-Smith: PATTERN OF THE POST-WAR WORLD   B nice bk, wr to spn ends 2.00
    S169 Norman Lansdell: THE ATOM AND THE ENERGY REVOLUTION   B+ sl wr to spn ends and rub 2.50
    S170 Andrew Shonfield: BRITISH ECONOMIC POLICY SINCE THE WAR   B+ sl spn wr 2.50
    S172 Ralph E. Lapp: THE VOYAGE OF THE LUCKY DRAGON   A- sl fox on c 3.00
    S174 J. P. Cole: GEOGRAPHY OF WORLD AFFAIRS   B+ nice book 2.50
    S176 Roger Fulford: THE LIBERAL CASE   B nice bk, sl rub and stains 2.00
    S177 Roy Jenkins: THE LABOUR CASE   B+ nice 2.50
    S178 Viscount Hailsham: THE CONSERVATIVE CASE   B+ nice, sl mark on fc 2.50
    S179 Ping-chia Kuo: CHINA   A- lovely booK, sl cov marks 3.00
    S181 Wayland Young: STRATEGY FOR SURVIVAL   B+ lovely book, sl browning of paper 2.50
    S182 Edward Crankshaw: KHRUSHCHEV'S RUSSIA   B nice copy, sl rub, dmp dmge to rear 2.00
    S187 William H. Whyte: THE ORGANIZATION MAN   B+ nice bk, sl sp wr 2.50
    S195 Vassiliev and Gouschev eds: LIFE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY   B+ nice copy 2.50
    S196 Leslie Hale: HANGED IN ERROR   B+ nice book 2.50
    S197 Arthur Koestler and C. H. Rolph: HANGED BY THE NECK   B+ nice book, sl sp wr and paper browning 2.50
    S201 Nora Beloff: THE GENERAL SAYS NO   B+ nice 2.50
    S202 Edward Behr: THE ALGERIAN PROBLEM   A- 3.00
    S203 Martin Mayer: MADISON AVENUE U.S.A.   B nice book 2.00
    S205 Patrick van Rensburg: GUILTY LAND   B sl wr to spn ends 2.00
    S211 Stanley Alderson: BRITAIN IN THE SIXTIES - HOUSING   B+ sl wr 2.50
    S216 Louis Blom-Cooper: THE A6 MURDER   A- tidy book 3.00
    S218 Edward Crankshaw: THE NEW COLD WAR - MOSCOV V. PEKIN   B+ 2.50
    S219 Philip O'Connor: BRITAIN IN THE SIXTIES - VAGRANCY   B+ 2.50
    S223 Michael Harrington: THE OTHER AMERICA   A- 3.00
    S224 Jim Northcott   B+ some browning 2.50
    S232 Ben Whitaker: THE POLICE   B sl wr and rub to spn 2.00
    S238 David C. Marsh: THE FUTURE OF THE WELFARE STATE   B nice bk, sl rub to spn and foxing 2.00
    S239 Geoffrey Moorhouse: BRITAIN IN THE SIXTIES - THE OTHER ENGLAND   B sl wr to spn ends and rub 2.00
    S247 Juliet Rhys-Williams: A NEW LOOK AT BRITAIN'S ECONOMIC POLICY   B- mks to cov, sl wr to spn, tan and crease, inside cov owners name 1.50
    S248 Edward Beddington-Behrens: IS THERE ANY CHOICE? BRITAIN MUST JOIN EUROPE   B+ sl crease 2.50
    S252 Neville Brown: ARMS WITHOUT EMPIRE   B- sp wr, creases and browning 1.50
    S253 Robin Blackburn and Alexander Cockburn eds: THE INCOMPATIBLES   B wr to spn ends, creases [sought after book] 3.00
    S265 Paul Foot: THE POLITICS OF HAROLD WILSON   B sl wr to spn 2.00
    S274 Christopher R. Hill ed: RIGHTS AND WRONGS   B+ 2.50
    S328 Sebastian Cobler: LAW, ORDER AND POLITICS IN WEST GERMANY [1976: ISBN 0 14 052.328 6]   B+ 2.50


    SL 3 T.J.B. Spencer: ELIZABETHAN LOVE STORIES   B+ nice book, sl wr to sp ends and sm crease 4.00
    SL 8 Laurence Lerner: SHAKESPEARE'S TRAGEDIES   B nice, wr and rub to sp 3.50


    D 144 - ISBN 014042.1440 PENGUIN POETS - D. H. Lawrence - SELECTED POEMS - edited with an introduction by Keith Sagar   B+ good book, sl wear and rub to edges and spine ends, sl browning to paper 3.50
    R12 REFERENCE - Arthur Jacobs: A NEW DICTIONARY OF MUSIC (1958)   B good book, sl wear and rub to edges and spine ends, sl browning to paper, some stains and rubber stamp marks 2.50
    R99 - ISBN:
    014051.099 0
    REFERENCE - Justin Wintle and Richard Kenin - THE PENGUIN CONCISE DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHICAL QUOTATION   B+ nice book, sl browning to paper and some foxing 4.00
    A 802 (USA edition) Lewis Yablonsky: THE VIOLENT GANG (Penguin Books, Baltimore, Maryland) 1966   B- nice, sl wear and rub to edges, sl browning/foxing to paper, abrasions/sl tear to cover 2.50
    USA - 614 Albert H. Morehead and Geoffrey Mott-Smith: THE PENGUIN HOYLE (Penguin Books, Inc, New York)   B good book, sl wear, abrs and rub to edges and spine ends, browning to paper, tear to fly-page, some creasing 3.00
    Bodley Head W. E. Williams: ALLEN LANE, A PERSONAL PORTRAIT. Hardback book with dust jacket, published by The Bodley Head. 1973.   A- nice book, sl rub to dust jacket. 7.50

  • Special Lot and Ephemera

    Number 1484

    Private Printing

    Special S192

  • Copy of No. 1484 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'. Printed in 1960 by Western Printing Services Ltd., Bristol, this was printed in November after the outcome of the trial.

  • Allen Lane's private printing of 'The Trial of Lady Chatterley'. This is a hardbound copy printed privately in 1961. It is a limited edition of 2,000 copies, and signed by Allen Lane (copy No. 644). It also has an insert from Allen Lane explaining the book to his friends. The contents includes material from S192 and a report from the House of Lords debate.

  • The Penguin Special S192 with a green cover produced by Penguins on 'The Trial of Lady Chatterley: Regina v. Penguin Books Limited'. Published in February 1961 and printed by Cox and Wyman Ltd.
  • £55.00 for set of 3 books

    PENGUIN T-SHIRT, 100% COTTON, with Green Crime and Mystery design of FAREWELL, MY LOVELY by Raymond Chandler. Produced in 1995 for Penguin as part of 60th Anniversary.

    T-Shirt in original cellophane wrapping and unopened. Made in one size.
    c. 1974 Puffin Mug

    PUFFIN BOOKS MUG c. 1974, with design by Quentin Blake. The mug was manufactured by Churchill and made in England. Has the Puffin design on both sides of mug, and 'PUFFIN BOOKS' on both sides of the inside of the mug.

    This item has been used and shows some wear. No chips.

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